I became involved in photography through having to document scientific research samples for microscopical analysis.  In plain English that means I take pictures of stuff under the microscope, otherwise known as photomicrography.  I've spent years honing my photomicrography technique, and through the learning process of photographing things in this manner, I also became interested in regular photography to further challenge myself.  I began taking pictures of friends, their children, their pets, and so on. 

People really enjoyed the pictures I took for them, and through their encouragement I started Sparenga Photography to offer that same enjoyment to you. 

I am a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA). I stay involved in the photography community by attending workshops, collaborating with fellow photographers, and volunteering my services at PAWS Chicago.

Please have a look through my galleries and let me know what you think! Book your session today and start preserving the present for the future!